Hopscotch and Xero – a decade- long, gold standard partnership

This year Hopscotch Accounting notches up a decade of working with leading accounting software company Xero. We explore some of the reasons why our gold standard partnership with Xero is important to our company, our clients and new organisations seeking qualified accounting services.

A brief history of Xero

In 2006 Xero was established in Wellington, New Zealand, servicing just a handful of small businesses, but today more than two million subscribers use Xero online accounting. In 2014 and 2015 Xero topped the Forbes List of the World’s 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies.

Xero online business platforms are now recognised globally and Xero is one of the five most popular accounting software systems in Australia.

Meeting Xero standards

Xero offers a tiered points-based system for Xero partners and Hopscotch Accounting has attained Xero Gold Partner status.

The expectation of a Xero Gold Partner business like Hopscotch Accounting is that staff will have a thorough understanding of Xero software and related apps, be fully trained in and conversant with its new features, and that a large proportion of the client base for the business will be Xero users.

A Xero Gold Partner business like Hopscotch Accounting has attained sufficient experience and knowledge to take on an advisory role. The Partner supports its clients to set up Xero correctly and migrate data to Xero systems. The Partner is equipped to train or upskill its clients, and keep them aware of Xero accounting system updates, so that the clients can make the most of Xero features in their business processes.

How Xero benefits Hopscotch

At Hopscotch we have found Xero software to be the best of the cloud accounting systems. In fact, we use Xero for its own internal systems, so we know first-hand that a business really does function more smoothly with Xero.

Xero’s cloud accounting solutions are time saving and transparent, and provide real-time data. Systems are centralised, flexible and ideal for working remotely and with multiple clients – exactly what our business needs.

We have also observed how Xero can improve the working practices of our valued clients. Even though our client base at Hopscotch Accounting covers a wide range of business and NFPs that can be small, medium or large in size, we have been able to recommend Xero to all of them.

We have watched our own business and our clients’ businesses benefit from the flexibility of Xero accounting software.

Choose a gold standard Xero partner to deliver accounting services for your business

There are some gold standard reasons for consumers to seek out businesses like Hopscotch Accounting that provide Xero-qualified advisers:

Verification – Gold status denotes a legitimate adviser with deep level knowledge of the Xero platform, making it quicker for consumers to identify and choose highly qualified accounting services.

Commitment – Gold status signifies the adviser has a longstanding commitment to Xero’s high-performing platform and has the track record to recommend the right technology for your accounting needs, so your business can have confidence in investing in new systems.

Continuous updates – Gold status advisers have an ongoing connection with Xero and receive continuous online training and support. Advisers attend education sessions and have early access to new software updates, as well as knowledge of third-party apps that can assist your accounting systems. Your business will benefit from advisers who keep up with accounting technology changes and are trained to share their knowledge.

At Hopscotch Accounting we are ready to bring these opportunities to our clients. All our staff are Xero-certified advisers who receive regular Xero online training.

We regularly support each other and our clients with updates on our Xero eco-system knowledge.

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