Accounting + customer experience (CX) = success

Research from marketing technology and digital platforms, Avanade and Sitecore reveal that for every $1 spent on developing a customer experience (CX) strategy, organisations achieve a $3 return.

While numbers are our business, we believe that our focus on customer experience is a key point of difference that is driving growth and customer satisfaction.

Xero explains the difference between customer service and CX

Good customer service means providing quality services to customers, along with professional advice, in a timely fashion. However, service alone is not enough, as customers also need to have a great customer experience.

As explained on the Xero blog The Uber of Accounting. Why Customer Experience Matters, answering a client within the same day when they have a question is an example of good customer service. Customer experience, on the other hand, looks proactively at a customer’s complete journey with your company. Customer experience is defined as, “the sum of all interactions between a customer and an organisation”.

For Hopscotch, customer experience has multiple touchpoints

Taking the time to listen to what our clients want provides us with feedback and input helps us understand the type of customer experience that our organisation generates.

This occurs through a number of ways:

  • We are an accounting company that is focused on the combination of personal interaction and technology to facilitate great outcomes.
  • The touchpoint of the interactions with our clients are relevant and timely. Communication occurs using phone, email, cloud platforms, in person meetings and video conferencing. Our embrace of a wide variety of touchpoints allows us to fit in with customers’ needs and requirements supporting time-sensitive decision making. This is particularly relevant to our clients across a number of Australian states.
  • We agree with Xero’s assertion that “clients are craving a faster, smoother, more automated, easier experience”. Cloud accounting is our speciality and our services are purpose-built to cater to this need.
  • The systems and processes we have developed empower our customers, equipping them with the ability to review their financial and strategic information via cloud-based dashboards.
  • Outsourced accounting services relieve our clients of many manual tasks, ensuring the compliance is achieved, but also freeing them up to focus on business development.
  • We are a transparent company and we let our customers know about our team as well as their areas of expertise via our website. Other communication touchpoints include our newsletter and social media. We also provide helpful information to our customers using video. We ensure that our website has up to date information about our company and we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to reflect who we are and what we stand for.

While referrals also play a role in initial client contact, a quick Google search for an ‘accountant’ will reveal a plethora of similar looking accounting websites that don’t explain or reflect even the start of the customer experience journey.

Hopscotch Accounting is focused on ensuring we are nimble, transparent and innovative. CX is the future for all organisations including business and NFP and we have embraced it much to the benefit of existing and future clients.

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